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Mary Crawley
eldest of the lord and lady of grantham.

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          {✙;;   So this was Downtown, it didn’t sound familiar to her.  It was probably rather far away from where she originally was.  Her questions were the ones she got regularly, but even to this point Eleanor didn’t know how to reply to them right away.  She wasn’t exactly the best liar out there, so she couldn’t help but to feel a bit nervous when she thought of an answer.

“I’m not exactly a visitor, I was only wandering around and I suppose I ended up walking further away that I should had.” which was closer to the truth than anything else she could have said.  ”Don’t worry, I don’t plan to stay around this place for long.  It simply got my attention, that’s all.”  

Her eyes wondered around the place, before she decided to add something else to this conversation.  ”This place it’s quite beautiful, do you live here?.”

"Oh you’re perfectly welcome here in my company. Everyone is inside planning the wedding, I’ll be the only one out in the gardens for some time." And Mary didn’t anticipate anyone would come looking. If someone did, it would be Matthew. But that was unlikely and she didn’t expect that.

"Yes, the abbey has been in my family for some time. Of course as the eldest heir and as a woman, he’s been looking for a way to keep it in the family for many years to come. Matthew is his solution."

Matthew was much more than a solution but unfortunately, Mary was only allowed to see him as the new Lord Crawley. 

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          {✙;;   Always with her eyes on others, watching everything they did and hearing everything they said.  It was interesting, but sometimes it tended to get far too boring.  For a ghost there weren’t that many things to do, so this was how Eleanor sometimes ended up getting most of her fun.  When she heard that simple ‘Hello’, she gave one step forward thinking the other could see her or at least hear her, and had noticed her presence in the place.  Her lips parted to say something and get her attention, but stopped herself from doing so.  No, maybe those words were directed to someone else she might have heard and not the ghost.

When she spoke for the second time, Eleanor waited for a response from someone else but nothing.  Letting herself be seen, she came out of her spot and stepped closer to where she was.  ”Only me, I’m sorry if I scared you” she said at the same time she gave her a smile.  It wasn’t always that she got to interact with the living after all.

"No, no, not at all." Mary’s voice was lighthearted, it betrayed everything inside her at the moment and maybe she was just a little proud she could manage that. 

She did not feel fright but merely curiosity. Never before had she seen this woman. Maybe that should worry her much greater than it did but she was open to company, to distraction, so long as it wasn’t from someone who knew her terribly well. With the exception being Anna who Mary knew she could trust greatly.

"Might I ask who you are and why you are at Downton? I don’t recall Mama or Papa mentioning of any new visitors. Unless you are company of Lavinia’s?"

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*out of character

post surgery notice: My wisdom teeth were just removed. I can’t take pain meds yet cause my mouth is so swollen but there is a good deal of pain. I am also still a bit knackered. I am assuming from the lack of sleep and maybe after effects of the anesthesia. I have no clue how this stuff works. Anyway, I will try for replies as much as possible but I am a tad out of it and will mostly be napping for a while.

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Mary thought she had heard another but it would be terribly easy to be mistaken. After all, a mind cursed with so many difficult subjects led to everything becoming terribly unclear. But it was perhaps a matter of a heart more than of mind that infected her.

Love took over until there was nothing left, some disease that some were only too willing to catch. Mary was only too ready to fight it off, if only because it was a handicap now. Now that it could not be acted upon. 

In all her years she never saw herself here. Tearstained in one of the outer areas of the garden. She made a point to keep strong, even if just a front. But that war with herself was not going as planned, as wars often didn’t. 

"Is someone there?" Her voice nearly cracked yet she forced herself to keep it as composed as she possibly could.

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PERFECT DAY | scala & kolancy brothers

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But there’s one rose that dies not in Picardy, tis the rose that I keep in my heart.

The soft melody of piano and tenor danced with the scratch of the gramophone. A gift from a relative of Lavinia’s. A reminder of the inevitable, really. She would marry the man that Mary loved deeply, the one that she let slip. And Mary, she would accept her fate with Carlisle.

After all, Lavinia was a friend and Matthew’s happiness was of far greater importance than her own. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

She peeled away from the wedding party and off to the gardens. Beautifully kept and a wonderful place to be alone. Alone to all her wishes for another life. Another chance.

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Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey (2012).
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Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey (2012).

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Oh do pick him, Carson, and cheer us all up a bit. Alfred’s nice but he does look like a puppy who’s been rescued from a puddle.

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